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The Sell Out is Complete

SB 554 , as amended by the House, has been passed by the Senate and now goes to the governor for her signature.
The bill was rushed onto the schedule last night after having been posted for a vote on June 11th and then June 15th.
6 Republicans Senators once again provided the quorum needed to pass the bill. Last month almost all House Republicans did the same.

As expected the Republican Senators who helped pass the bill were:
Fred Girod
Dick Anderson
Bill Kennemer
Tim Knopp
Bill Hansell
Lynn Findley
Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod rose on the Senate floor to call Oregon Firearms Federation a “fringe group” and said it was not “ok” to threaten people.
This has become a popular theme of Republican “Leaders” who not long ago were calling OFF begging for money.
Apparently we were out bid by the millions in Federal money legislators got in exchange for rolling over.
Of course OFF has never threatened anyone. Ever.
Comically, he also said we were “not welcome in his office and should be banned from the building.”
Perhaps Fred’s mask is cutting off his air and he has not noticed that we, and everyone else, have been banned from the building for a long time.
Fred did not consider OFF a “fringe” group when he came to us with his hand out. As you might imagine we will be asking Girod to return the checks we sent to him.
That was YOUR money Girod took to help the sell outs. We hope you’ll join us in our demand for a refund.
Your God given rights to keep your family safe have just been flushed down the toilet by…Republicans.
Throughout this disgraceful display, House Rep Bill Post has attacked OFF, accused us of misleading people and promised that the Republicans had a “secret plan.” Looks like Bill’s mask was a bit too tight as well.
Not participating in this side show were:
Dallas Heard
Dennis Linthicum
Chuck Thomsen
Kim Thatcher
Brian Boquist
Art Robinson
They stood up for your rights.
Dennis Linthicum posted this today.
You can read this post in a browser here

This was our First Class exclusively for women.

This was our first class with a woman as the Lead Instructor. I'd like to introduce Sandra, second from the left.

By all standards, it was a huge success.

It will be the first of many.  

Phil is a great trainer and professional.  WP

​“I’ve taken 3 different CHL classes, and I learned more in Phil’s class than the other two combined”

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Dear Phil,
Thanks again for a great Home Defense Shotgun class.  The combination of classroom and range work was perfect, and helped me become familiar again with an old tool that had been neglected sitting in the back of my closet.  In addition, your series of KISS simple and effective scenarios/exercises provided me with a takeaway that I can continue to practice going forward to hone my skills.  Your experience, expertise, and common sense approach lays a great foundation upon which to build.  I highly recommend this course to novice, expert and all other marksmen in between as there are many facets of Home (and Personal) Defense that I was surprised I didn't think of - this course opened my eyes and helped to narrow that gap.
Many Thanks,

To Phil G.
Thanks for the coaching. Full mag (9mm) from 25'
Signed D.C.​

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I want to thank you guys for your time, I really appreciated today. The first class I took at the range with you guys, I felt trust and that is HUGE. I pretty much trust No one. Thank you.
Have a great night  [☺]

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