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This was our First Class exclusively for women.

This was our first class with a woman as the Lead Instructor. I'd like to introduce Sandra, second from the left.

By all standards, it was a huge success.

It will be the first of many.  

Phil is a great trainer and professional.  WP

​“I’ve taken 3 different CHL classes, and I learned more in Phil’s class than the other two combined”

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Gun Bills Pending.

This information is from the office of Senator Kim Thatcher, District 13.

HB2510: Firearm security controls: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/HB2510/Introduced
HB2543: Firearm transfer restrictions: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/HB2543/Introduced
SB396: Ban less detectable Firearms, or without serial numbers, criminal penalties: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/SB0396/Introduced
*SB554: Carrying restrictions patchwork laws across state, criminal penalties: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/SB0554/Introduced
*SB585: Carrying restrictions to be enacted by locality:
SB604: Permit required for purchase of firearm, other criteria:
What can you do help stop these bills? Make your views known. Check this link!

Senator Kim Thatcher
Senate District 13

I want to thank you guys for your time, I really appreciated today. The first class I took at the range with you guys, I felt trust and that is HUGE. I pretty much trust No one. Thank you.
Have a great night  [☺]

To Phil G.
Thanks for the coaching. Full mag (9mm) from 25'
Signed D.C.​

Think of these courses as a suit of armor that will help to shield you and your family from danger and add security to your life.

We Get Letters:

These are actual student letters. They are used with permission and edited for privacy.

Hi Sandra!

I just wanted to say “Thank you!” again to you and Phil for conducting the CCM class even though there was only one student!  I really appreciate your dedication and patience, especially considering I did not possess the skills you are used to seeing in that class!   I had a good time learning thanks to your expertise and now have an awareness of situations and potential solutions that I never imagined!  You will see me again...I’ll be the one with the kerchief around my neck!!! 
Keep doing what you do!  [👍] 🏼
Warm regards and many thanks,


​​​​​​​​‌2A Alerts:


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TAKE ACTION NOW. https://freeroots.com/go/stop-the-lunacy

While Oregon Democrats continue to promote legislation to empower criminals and violent crime skyrockets in Portland, the Oregon House Committee On Health Care has scheduled a hearing to hear HB 2510, a bill to lock up… your firearms.
As in previous attempts to render firearms useless for self defense, the bill punishes gun owners who are victims of theft and contains not one single word about penalties for gun thieves.
While life in Oregon, especially our cities, becomes increasingly perilous, Oregon Democrats are working overtime to make sure you and your family are defenseless.
And rest assured, these actions are not the result of ignorance. Oregon Democrats are pushing bills to make criminals out of law abiding gun owners while neutering the police, so this bill is just one more effort to make sure that thugs are protected while you and your family are robbed of any means of protecting yourselves.
The bill is currently scheduled for March 11 at 3.15 PM. To sign up to testify against this bill use this link.

Please continue this  at the OFF site to access ALL of the links to take part. Full text is on the  next page.