We Get Letters:

These are actual student letters. They are used with permission and edited for privacy.

Hi Sandra!

I just wanted to say “Thank you!” again to you and Phil for conducting the CCM class even though there was only one student!  I really appreciate your dedication and patience, especially considering I did not possess the skills you are used to seeing in that class!   I had a good time learning thanks to your expertise and now have an awareness of situations and potential solutions that I never imagined!  You will see me again...I’ll be the one with the kerchief around my neck!!! 
Keep doing what you do!  [👍] 🏼
Warm regards and many thanks,


The +2 A activity:

The latest Update 3/25! 

I want to follow up with some additional updated information on the +2 Amendment Sanctuary Movement in Jackson County. At this time, there is NO movement. The media has not covered this at all apparently and many people we are talking to have no idea what it is all about.  Simply put, once again legislators in Salem tried  to force antigun bills through, just like last year, without input. See what is happening and the latest releases from OFF.

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Nov. 23, 2019:  This was our First Class exclusively for women.

This was our first class with a woman as the Lead Instructor. I'd like to introduce Sandra, second from the left.

By all standards, it was a huge success.

It will be the first of many.  Details on the Women's Defensive Series are now posted so sign up today while there is space.

Phil is a great trainer and professional.  WP

​“I’ve taken 3 different CHL classes, and I learned more in Phil’s class than the other two combined”

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A Cool New Product

from Quadra Tactical.

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To Phil G.
Thanks for the coaching. Full mag (9mm) from 25'
Signed D.C.​

Think of these courses as a suit of armor that will help to shield you and your family from danger and add security to your life.

I want to thank you guys for your time, I really appreciated today. The first class I took at the range with you guys, I felt trust and that is HUGE. I pretty much trust No one. Thank you.
Have a great night  [☺]