Think of these courses as a suit of armor that will help to shield you and your family from danger and add security to your life.

New: Women's Defensive Series.

The 6/25 session will vary from the regular. Ask for full details.

There are 3 Sessions and Prerequisites for live fire. Class Sessions will be held at a variety of locations. 

    -Refresher Basic Pistol -- $100 - refresher course on safe gun handling, gun operation, and shooting
    -Non-ballistic Self Defense – $50 - techniques for protecting yourself from an attack
    -Concealed Carry Mastery – $100 - Develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to carry and use your pistol

Refresher Basic Pistol*  
      Rules for safe gun handling; pistol operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules, range time shooting pistols. ​

Concealed Carry Mastery:
      It is specifically designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry and use your concealed pistol responsibly, ethically, and with confidence.

Non-ballistic Self Defense Drills  
       Personal Protection moves for yourself and to protect your gun from an attack

​*Please note:
This session includes Live Fire. This means hot brass will be rapidly ejected by the person standing next to you. For that reason, you are urged to wear a cap with a brim, a closed shirt with long sleeves, long pants,  and solid shoes. For all classes, approved eye and ear protection is mandatory. Please bring water, sunscreen, and snacks as needed as there are no vending services at the site. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.