Think of these courses as a suit of armor that will help to shield you and your family from danger and add security to your life.

Sandra and Phil,
Thank you for the photos, actually not only do I enjoy revisiting the class via the photos, but I also have the opportunity to see my stance and the end result.  I have talked to several neighbors about the class and highly recommended it, not only for their good but also for the good of the neighborhood.  I believe a well-informed/well-trained neighborhood makes for a safer, closer-knit neighborhood. 

Thanks again - I believe the Valley is most fortunate to have both of you here!

Actual Student letters- 2018 to today

It's nice to get feedback from our guests. It helps us know that we are moving in the right direction.

These are all unsolicited and are used with permission. They have been edited for student privacy. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to send us their thoughts. 

 Hi Phil and Sandra,
Thank you so much for the amazing day of education and fun!
It was a great privilege on our part to learn from persons so accomplished in this field.
You are an amazing teacher and have such impressive knowledge and deep passion for guns, self-defense, and sports shooting.
This made our family feel so at ease and the day was soooo fun!
It was like learning from a beloved super-smart aunt and uncle.
My wife and kids - we all had a blast.
Hope to buzz you before our next trip to Ashland,
Hugs from your neighbors down South,

A, D, Z, and Z

A family  session

Sept 3, 2018

Dear Phil and Sandra,
By now I have been in several of the classes you offer and I have enjoyed each of them.  Your manner and teaching experience are very supportive of our growth in the shooting skills we seek to master.  Your personal histories give a strong background from which to teach these skills.  The practice drills you plan for us are relevant to our growth and progress and are fun.  Your focus on safety on the range and your watchful eyes on us give us confidence.  Thank you so much for offering these classes. I feel that my skills and confidence have improved significantly under your instruction.  I know that my shooting accuracy has improved and that my ability to properly handle a pistol: including clearing a jam, changing magazines and defensive skills have all improved.  As I said, I plan to take a class each month for the next 
couple years.  So count me in and thanks again.
P.S.  If you ever were thinking of a class in “Open Handed” defensive skills for old guys (and gals)……………………..I’d appreciate that too! 

Hi Sandra!

I just wanted to say “Thank you!” again to you and Phil for conducting the CCM class even though there was only one student!  I really appreciate your dedication and patience, especially considering I did not possess the skills you are used to seeing in that class!   I had a good time learning thanks to your expertise and now have an awareness of situations and potential solutions that I never imagined!  You will see me again...I’ll 
be the one with the kerchief around my neck!!! 
Keep doing what you do!  [👍] 🏼

Warm regards and many thanks,


From a retired California Law Enforcement Officer:

“I just want to say thank you again for the great class you put on.  It truly was the best taught and most productive class on firearms training I have had over the years, considering the time allowed.  You really pack a lot of information and instruction into a small time frame.  Your background and experience shows in your approach to teaching.  The way the class is organized shows a lot of preparation on your part and helps keep things interesting throughout.  I never found myself nodding off, for fear I would miss some important aspect of your class.  The amount of live-fire was just right, as I know too much at one time can become overwhelming to some new shooters."

The class left me with a profound sense of empowerment, l was very complacent, but not anymore...thank you again, if there is anything else l can do for you guys, please let me know. VM- Kansas City…

​“I’ve taken 3 different CCW classes, and I learned more in Phil’s class than the other two combined” DM