How did the products I recommended work in a Real-Life Situation? 10/6/20

*Highly rated: Purinize (used in the aftermath of the fire successfully) Prices vary by quantity. $15.95 for 2 Oz

Used during the boil order locally. I added a stack of coffee filters and some measuring spoons to the kit. Accurate measuring and post-treatment filtering are important.. You DO have to wait as directed and the water temp is an important part of the calculation.

Reliance Rhino-Pak Heavy Duty Water Container

Sold on Amazon and Locally  $19.95

Refreshed with new water every 6 months. No leaks, cracks, or bulging  Airtight and 100% drinkable. Kept it separated from concrete to prevent leaching. all three containers were useable and pure. Yes, 5 gallons IS  50 pounds. Plan accordingly. 

​Stealth Angel 10,000mAH Waterproof / Shockproof Solar Dual-USB Charger and LED Light $29.99 (on Promotion)

I honestly wasn't sure about this when I got it, but it performed better than expected for the entire event. I  kept it on charge in the car or in the sun and trickled fed the various lights and devices. Two ports helped with getting things charged. Yes, it is solar, and you need to move it to full sun.

Goal Zero

Most of this is sold out on the website. Locally I have good luck at the Army, Navy Marie store, at REI, and Sportsmans. Product availability will vary by location. I suggest picking up some small to medium Caribiners for hanging the to charge or use.


​Hang it, light it, crush it. A solar-powered lantern designed for convenience. Features three light settings and a flickering candle mode. $19.95

I have 4 of these and they were a lifesaver when the power is out. They pack flat and are sturdy. They recharge with a small panel on the top and work great with a battery pack. Three hours on full for 300 watts, but will go all night on the lower setting.

LIGHTHOUSE MICRO CHARGE USB RECHARGEABLE LANTERN-This small USB rechargeable lantern is an all-in-one solution for an on-the-go person, perfect for the purse or backpack.

This does dual duty both as a multi-level right and a charger for a cell phone. Came in very handy and the light is VERY bright on full.


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Think of these courses as a suit of armor that will help to shield you and your family from danger and add security to your life.

New This Week:


Links to accredited sites for Flu information
Oregon Health Authority (OHA)
Jackson County Health
Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus site

Updates on air filters and the Corona Virus:

Best Masks and Filters for Virus protection

Update on the Corona Virus and its impact.2/7/2020

Local Vendors: Alphabetical

Army-Navy-Marine Store (Central Point) 

Blackbird (Blackbird Shopping Center) Medford (Say hi to Tom for us.)

Coastal (Coastal Farm and Ranch)- Medford

Legendary Arms -Central Point

Sportsman's Warehouse- Medford

Online Resources: In the order added by date.

Happy Preppers
The Bugout Bag Guide: Get Home Bag Guide

The Prepper Journal: Get Home Bag Guide

Survival Dispatch blog site: (1/6/19) Survival Dispatch

Reality (2/24/19)

Ready to Go Survival (3/25/19)  

12/10/19 (New)

Quadra Tactical
Quadra Tactical a strong shell carrier that Velcros to your frame. It's made for 12-16 and 20 gauge shells. Visit their site for full details on their products.


Firesteel Video Tip:

Dealing  with Psychological Issue of Survival  

Featured 2/17/19

Goal Zero Solar Products (Lights, Lithium Generators and Solar Panels)

Book on Medicinal Herbs (The Complete Medicinal Herbal: A Practical Guide to the Healing Properties of Herbs)

Sandras Information on Homeopathic solutions:

  • Rhus Tox- better with movement 

  • Ruta Grav- better with less movement 

  • Arnica Montana-shock and injury 

  • Cayenne pepper- 90,000  Heat Units

  • Comfrey- The Knitting Bone Herb

Book on Wilderness Survival Skills (Camping & Wilderness Survival, 2nd: The Ultimate Outdoors Book)

(Books are available from  usual sources both online and locally.)

Featured  1/20/19

Water treatment drops. 

*Highly rated: Purinize (used in the aftermath of the fire sucessfully)

Featured on 1/13/19 

Outdoor Gear Lab
Active Junky
Portable Guide: Solar Power
Oregon Firearms Federation

Featured on 12/30/18 (Can't find the direct link to the Hunting Story. It was in the Jan/Feb 2017 Issue on Page 45)

Featured 12/2/18: Recommendation for Filters and Gas Masks 

CERT: Medford  

Training and Information  link

Jackson County Emergency Citizen Alert Contact link

Sacrament Bee News Story link

Featured 11/18: Rogue Valley Amateur Radio Club.

        Sample Ham Radio and  Comparisons

        Wool Blanket

        Water Purification Tablets 

        Be Prepared/Emergency Essentials- (Reviewed this week)

*Featured 11/12: The Prepared:  Website full of resources and reports

           Water Filter Combo  Suggestions from this week. Scroll to content, near the top.

           5.11 RUSH 72 Pack- $169.99/ 5.11 site.

           Kelty Reding Pack: $140/Amazon

           Fox Outdoor Field Pack  $53/Amazon

           Durable water storage choices  with Food Grade Plastic

           *My Choice: Reliance Rhino Pak Amazon/ $19.99 Price up from 15.99 perviously. ( 3 ordered so far.)

           Water  Storage Solution. (55 gal size) is similar to unscented chlorine bleach. Eight (8) drops per gallon is the recommended amount. Available locally as well.

Back Packs: 5.11 Tactical Large choice of bags and styles.

                     3V Gear Paratus 3-Day Operator's Tactical Backpack Amazon
Silcox Key- Amazon  
Super Light Mini The fire starter  :-)

Water Filter Comparisons
Bath Tub Liner  One of many options I found.

Fire Starter- Flint Metal Match Set