Think of these courses as a suit of armor that will help to shield you and your family from danger and add security to your life.

Think of these courses as a suit of armor that will help to shield you and your family from danger and add security to your life

Active Shooter Defensive Scenario Training

Summer Hours: 9 am until Noon- $100 per session


Each month brings a new Defensive Scenario

Class adding tactical thinking and movement to your

skillset. You will learn to move tactically and shoot 

while paying attention to the world around you.

Because the Active Shooter Defensive Scenario class

is so intense it requires an advanced level of firearms training and experience. It is necessary to ask about your other firearms training (such as our Concealed Carry Mastery, Women’s Defensive Series, etc.) and experience for qualification to this class. Please let us know.

Do you think you could win a real-life, multi-target

showdown? There is a good reason for running many different types of drills while learning to defend yourself.

These Scenario drills not only help you build the skills you might need in a fight but will assist in creative ways on the “fly” to deal with the bad guys. A scenario drill training requires you to do multiple things forcing you to divide your attention.

We cannot tell you what will happen in a gunfight because yours will be unique. It will be different than any other.

We will train you to keep your eyes on the front sight while seeing the targets and the surrounding elements. Scenario training teaches you spontaneous tactical moves to protect yourself, loved ones or those who cannot protect themselves.
 You will be:

  •    Reloading under stress

  •   Using cover and concealment techniques

  •   Teaching you to avoid life-threatening confrontations

  •   Strengthening your defensive mindset​

All classes are kept small in size to ensure personal attention and a safe training environment. 

Please note:
This session includes Live Fire. This means hot brass will be rapidly ejected by the person standing next to you. For that reason, you are urged to wear a cap with a brim, a closed shirt with long sleeves, long pants,  and solid shoes. For all classes, approved eye and ear protection are mandatory. Please bring water, sunscreen, and snacks as needed as there are no vending services at the site. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.


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Please note: Due to the great response, these classes fill quickly. Please call to check for cancelations or new sessions that may create an opening. Thank you. 

All tuition for courses is to be paid in full (check or money order - Made out to Phil Grammatica.) Mail to:  PO Box 503021, White City, OR   97503-1668. Registration is not complete until funds are received.  Please be sure of the class(s) you want.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AND NO CLASS TRANSFERS.

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