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Call to Action! +2/A Sanctuary Movement 

The coming election is critical, and the lines are shifting. Simply put, once again legislators in Salem are trying to force anti-gun bills through, just like last year, without input. If you are involved at any level with shooting you  need to get involved and let our Commissioners we support this action
To give you more information, here is a link to the Oregon Federation of Firearms, (OFF) and their latest press release is included below. it is critical we all get involved and proactive or our rights will vanish overnight, flaunting both the State and National Constitution. Bookmark our website and share this with anyone you know who is involved with hunting and shooting. We are gathering information and post updates regularly.  If you are interested in getting actively involved, please drop Bill Bateman an email at, or call him at 707.601.7402.

Again, please share this with everyone you know.

Here are the most  recent  press releases from OFF:

Sp-ecial Session Planned


Kate Brown has called for a “special session” starting June 24th.
It appears at this time that there will be NO budget bills but plenty of “police accountability” bills considered.
Most Democrats have been very supportive of recent anti-police demonstrations while still warning us to wear masks and stay away from crowds.
Any pretense of reason and objectivity has been abandoned.
The same people who are calling for the “defunding” or outright abolition of police forces are demanding that your right to defend yourself and your family evaporate. We have seen the outcome of state support of looting and rioting and there is no reason to believe it is going to get better anytime soon.
Democrat Rob Wagner, the new Senate Majority Leader, said:
“We have the opportunity to listen to our colleagues in the People of Color Caucus and the tens of thousands of Oregonians calling for an end to police brutality and systemic racism. We must start that work now.”
Democrat House Speaker Tina Kotek said:
“And, across the state, we’ve seen the public take to the streets for weeks demanding police accountability reforms to address the tragic prevalence of police brutality and racial injustice in our society.”
So far we have not seen a word from any elected Democrat condemning the massive destruction caused by those demanding an end to “brutality”.
It’s become undeniable that the people in power are supporting the violence that we have seen in Oregon’s cities, and that’s what will make a “special session” so dangerous.
While we always expect the majority (with a few turncoat Republicans) to use every opportunity to ram through new attacks on your rights, this “special” session will not even have the normal procedures for the public to monitor the actions of the legislature.
The Capitol building is still closed to the public and there will be no opportunity for live public testimony.
The ruling party is NOT limited in any way in terms of what bills they can promote and ram through.
We know they are still furious that they were unable to force more dangerous gun bans through in the last regular session because of the Republican walkout.
The Governor has made no secret of her desire for “revenge” nor has she hidden her allegiance to the rioters. 
While attempted gun sales are at an all time high, Oregon’s “instant” background check system is in the worst shape ever as most of the employees who work the Firearms Instant Check System unit are “working from home” with no reliable access to the system. Those attempting to buy guns are facing up to 5000 people ahead of them in the “cue.”
So, while law enforcement in many places is standing down, the law abiding are struggling to have the means to defend their homes.
This “perfect storm” of events has created the most perilous situation in memory.
OFF will be doing everything in our power to monitor events in Salem, but the circumstances we are facing are unprecedented.
We have to assume that the Democrats will be taking advantage of the current chaos to force their radical agenda. We strongly urge you to take whatever steps you deem necessary to keep yourself and family safe.
We’ll keep you informed.
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There has rarely been a time when our liberties were not only in danger, but were being actively destroyed more than now.

All across our state (in fact all across our country) not only are people losing their jobs, their businesses and their investments, they are losing their rights.

The right to assemble, the right to move freely, the right to make informed decisions for themselves.
Irrespective of your views on current events, one thing is clear, the state is using this situation for a massive power grab. 

Under Oregon law, in emergencies, the Governor has enormous and almost unlimited powers. And, in the absence of an agreement by the legislature, (unlikely under the current circumstances) the Governor alone decides when the “emergency” is over.

As you know, Kate Brown was unable to ram through everything she wanted in the last legislative session because of the Republican walk out. As you also know, Brown has made no secret of her intention to seek “revenge” (her words) on her political opponents. Brown is also not in any way confined by a need to seek reelection. In short, Kate Brown can do almost anything she wants right now.

If you’ve watched her press conferences or read her statements, you know Brown has no plans, no ideas and no strategy for saving Oregon’s crumbling economy. Countless jobs are gone and many businesses will never come back. But one thing you can be sure of, Brown and her staff will continue to get paid.

So we are in a very dangerous period. Our flawed “background check” system is in worse shape than ever and many sheriffs across our state are not issuing, and in some cases, not even renewing, concealed handgun licenses. There is no policy in place for law enforcement’s dealing with expired CHL’s and anyone who needs a new one may just be out of luck. Oregon law says “shall issue.” It does not say “shall issue unless it’s inconvenient.”

We want to assure you that we are watching events very carefully and are monitoring any efforts to use the current situation to attack gun rights. 

On another topic, you are aware that Oregon’s only Republican Congressman, Greg Walden, is not seeking re-election. 

Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District is the only district that typically votes Republican and this year the Republican primary has drawn numerous contenders. One of them is failed governor candidate Knute Buehler.
As you can see, there is big money behind his race. And that’s the problem.

When Buehler ran for governor against Kate Brown, he ran as an avowed liberal. He was a vocal basher of President Trump, a supporter of virtually all liberal causes and a proponent of more gun restrictions. When he served in the legislature, Buehler introduced several anti-gun bills and was one of only three Republicans to vote for a third.(None of those folks are still in the legislature.)

Now Buehler has reinvented himself as a Trump loving 2nd Amendment advocate because he is running in a pro-gun Republican district. 

Buehler is a fraud but he is gaining traction because of his large war chest and name recognition. Do not be fooled if you live in the 2nd Congressional District. Buehler is no friend of gun owners and would be a disaster as the only “Republican” from Oregon in Congress. Please stay informed.

We are wishing you courage in these very dangerous and unprecedented times. We know many of you are struggling with lost income and a rudderless, stumbling government that has taken your livelihood and replaced it with broken promises. We are not going to bore you with platitudes. Stay close to your friends, family and fellow patriots. We will prevail.
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Oregon Firearms Federation wants to extend our prayers to all who are experiencing unprecedented hardship due to the state mandated shut down of so many businesses.
Current events have created a loss of liberties the likes of which we have never before seen. Many are out of work and many closed businesses will not reopen. As of today, the state shows no signs of reducing the restrictions that have caused these closures and job losses.
So far however, there is no indication that the Oregon Primary election will be postponed.
Voter’s pamphlets are scheduled to be delivered April 22 - 24. The deadline for registering to vote is April 28. Ballots will be mailed starting April 29 and the due date for returning them is May 19.
If you are not registered to vote you may do so here. Given the endless efforts of the Oregon Democrat majority to eliminate gun rights, we cannot overemphasize how critical voting is.
The May primary election will determine who will run in November. Your support for pro-gun candidates now will be the deciding factor in who has a chance to represent you in Salem next year.
Oregon Firearms has posted our candidate grades for the 2020 primary election here. Please consider it a starting point when you make your decision on your ballot. Most candidates have websites or Facebook pages that will provide contact info for further information on their positions.
Stay strong and stay free.